Would you put up one of these on your wall?

On my weekly Kijiji hunt I came across these lovely wall busts.
Only $10 each!

I need to make up my mind!

I've been flipping and flopping between between paint colors. It's not easy, I am a very indecisive person. One day I want to paint the walls green and another day I'm thinking grey.

The look I'm going for is a mix between modern and kinda country. Weird combo, I know.

Here's some greys I was thinking of. Nothing too dark, more the middle colors of the chip charts. I don't want anything too dark, but I do want a good contract between th white of the fireplace and trim.

I've been pulling color inspiration from some pillows
Here's some accent pillows from www.etsy.com/shop/MARIESCOSYCUSHIONS

Accent pillow from Crate and Barrel

Add texture by adding some green throw blankets from Crate and Barrel

Here's the couch we plan on getting again (probably in a darker grey)

With a mirror like one of these above the couch (ignore the prices, I'm way too cheap to spend that much on a mirror. I did see some I like at Homesense though for about $50)

Storage ottoman from Crate and Barrel

With the long weekend coming up I think we're going to work on the basement. We rented a garbage bin for Thursday to remove all the basement debris and all the reno garbage that has been building up in the backyard.


In a grey mood

Grey is really starting to grow on me, here's a few pics I've been collecting.

This is my bedroom inspiration of the week


Not very good at this

I wish I was one of those people that had an eye for color and decor. That's why I'm so glad there are many great blogs that I get inspiration from. With the place starting to shape up I'm starting to think of what I can do to the living room deco wise.

So we found a couch that we LOVE! We actually stopped by Revolve Furniture store in Calgary on the weekend. We've never been in there but we were driving by so we thought what the heck! Stephanie (head designer) was super helpful, showed us a few couches and hundreds of fabrics.

We were thinking of a dark grey or greyish brown. The great thing is the chaise part can be changed from one side to another, so your not stuck decorating wise.

What do you think about green paint?
Top one on the right
Bottom one (the lighte green)
 bottom green
Do you think the green goes with a greyish couch, white brick fireplace and with our flooring?
Or am I crazy and have no taste?!

Basement progress

Came home from work the other day to a beaming hubby. Why was he so happy you ask? He ripped out the basement, without me nagging about it to boot!

Here's some progress pics!
View from going down the stairs
Buh bye murals!
Future full bathroom and laundry room bifold door
Mikey and I couldn't believe how crooked the bathroom door is!
Bath tub is going to go against the far wall
Pile of garbage

Now it's time to rent a garbage bin so we can get rid of all this stuff. Can't wait till we have a usable space!!


Sunny Sunday

It got up to 14 degrees today, what a way to kick off the start to spring!!
With this nice weather makes me think about ways I could be enjoying my lil 17x17ft backyard.

Here's a before pic, very overgrown and the deck had seen better days.

This summer we plan on refinishing the deck, cutting out all the extra foliage, planting some bushes and some planting some bright flowers to add some color.

I'm really loving the living room style patio furniture like this one.

I can see myself relaxing on this.

I am also drawn to this interesting looking piece of backyard furniture.
Looks way too big for my space though.


I'm back!

Alright, time to get back at it! Vegas was great, it was nice to just getaway.
Mikey and I are setting our sights on the upstairs bathroom plans. We are trying to figure out what we want to do.
I was thinking of a vanity like these ones below. I can't find any ones locally, but Mike said he could build it.

Not sure what color I want to stain or paint it yet. Tomorrow we're going to look at tubs, sinks and tile. Probably not going to buy anything, just collecting ideas and prices.