The hubby and I spent most of the day out, you guessed it, shopping! We hit up Home Depot, Ikea, Value Village, a dollar store and Pier 1.

Here's some pics of the results of the day.

First stop of the day, got some blinds for the kitchen

Then to Ikea

Our car after Ikea

Got the table at Value Village for $6.99        
Floating black/brown shelf

Then the lamps


Can you find the Edward and Bella Barbie?
We fell in love with these plates at Pier 1

Unfinished letters from Michaels
Now I just need to decide what color to paint them.

Moved the monkey and the clock over by the fireplace

Discounted place mats from Homesense (previous purchase)

YUM! from Ikea

Breakdown of costs:

Blinds from Home Depot $45.99
(sorry no pics yet, they screwed up the cut so we need to go back and get them recut)
Floating shelf-Ikea-$29.99
Floating picture ledge-Ikea $14.99 (x2)
Big glass vase-Ikea $39.99
Sticks-Ikea $19.99
Lamps-Ikea $29.99 (x2)
Chocolates-Ikea $3.99
10 picture frames-Dollar store $15.00
Green balls in metal basket-Dollar store $3.00
E A T Letters-Michaels $14.79
Bird plates-Pier 1 $32

Passed out Kitty-Priceless!


Photo Ledges

I love them! Hopefully the hubby and I will be hitting up Ikea soon to buy some cheap photo ledges (they range from $8.99-$18.99).

There's some of my inspiration

Have a decorating blog that you think I would like, email me at townhousetrials@gmail.com

Lighting on a budget

Lights are necessary, but that's no reason why they can't be fun! Just changing out old light fixtures can instantly change the feel of a space. The challenging part isn't finding lighting, it's finding budget friendly lighting.

Here's some inspiration, enjoy!

Ikea Barometer Lamp $64.99
(comes in nickel plated, red and white)

Ikea Kroby Lamp $39.99

Ikea Jonsbo Egby Table Lamp $29.99

Ikea Smart Table Lamp $19.99

Ikea Horby Ceiling Light $49.99

Ikea PS Maskros Hanging Light $99.99

Ikea PS Vana Hanging Light $79.99

Ikea Lillholmen Wall Light $15.99

As you can see, I love Ikea for lighting. How could you not, there's just so many options. Also they have tonnes of funky shades for every taste.

If your looking for lamps I would also recomend checking out HomeSense or Winners. I've had some luck there as well.

Looking for a unique, one of a kind light? Don't forget to check out your local thrift store. They often have some very unique looking lamps and light fixtures that don't break the bank.

For thrift store lamps give this a try,
How to refinish a glazed ceramic lamp:

1. Find a lamp with good bones or shape (don't forget to try the electrical before buying!).

2. Wash and dry the lamp thoroughly. Sand the ceramic part down using  very fine grit sandpaper so you rough up the surface a bit (helps the paint adhere). Wipe down lamp to get rid of dust.

3. Cover any electrical parts with a plastic bag and tape it up.

4. Prime the surface of the lamp with Krylon Spray Primer(or any spray paint primer you prefer). Spray paint is available at Home Depot, Rona or Michaels. You will need to do a few light coats to prime it fully. (Don't put it on too heavy or you'll end up with drips). Don't forget to be in a well vetilated place!!

5. After the primer is all dry, spray the primed lamp with the desired spray paint. (I used Krylon gloss spray paint). Be patient, it's probably going to take a few coats!

6. To seal the lamp use Krylon Clear Glossy Finish and allow to dry overnight, again in a well vetilated space.

7. Sit back and enjoy your handywork! Don't forget to get a shade for your new lamp!

Right now I am on the hunt for the perfect lamp to redo. I have done 1 in the past and it turned out great. (sorry no pics, I no longer have the lamp) Once I find the perfect lamp, you guys will be the first to know and I'll have pics!


Bedroom Inspiration

My latest idea for the bedroom is to do mostly white room with blue accents, I think it would feel rich and relaxing.

The bedframe I aready have-Not sure if I should paint it white yet
Pier One $140


Birdhouse (below) Going to paint it and hand it

White rug-Need to find

White decorative plates-Need

Over the top white framed mirror-Need

Variety of white vases-Need

Vintage looking chair-Need

Love the pic below from a blog I just found and love

And maybe throw in a small fern or 2

Also need white curtains and some decorative blue vases and stuff.