The hubby and I spent most of the day out, you guessed it, shopping! We hit up Home Depot, Ikea, Value Village, a dollar store and Pier 1.

Here's some pics of the results of the day.

First stop of the day, got some blinds for the kitchen

Then to Ikea

Our car after Ikea

Got the table at Value Village for $6.99        
Floating black/brown shelf

Then the lamps


Can you find the Edward and Bella Barbie?
We fell in love with these plates at Pier 1

Unfinished letters from Michaels
Now I just need to decide what color to paint them.

Moved the monkey and the clock over by the fireplace

Discounted place mats from Homesense (previous purchase)

YUM! from Ikea

Breakdown of costs:

Blinds from Home Depot $45.99
(sorry no pics yet, they screwed up the cut so we need to go back and get them recut)
Floating shelf-Ikea-$29.99
Floating picture ledge-Ikea $14.99 (x2)
Big glass vase-Ikea $39.99
Sticks-Ikea $19.99
Lamps-Ikea $29.99 (x2)
Chocolates-Ikea $3.99
10 picture frames-Dollar store $15.00
Green balls in metal basket-Dollar store $3.00
E A T Letters-Michaels $14.79
Bird plates-Pier 1 $32

Passed out Kitty-Priceless!


Shannon said...

Oh I love those plates from Homesense! I want some really interesting plates to hang in our dining room and I've been looking in consignment stores mainly, but I really should branch out. They are so unique.
Love the floating shelf. I want one for our bedroom but I am afraid that I just won't be able to hang it properly or straight. Was it difficult?

Tracy said...

Thanks Shannon!

The floating shelf was really easy actually. We just figured out where we wanted it and drilled it in the middle. Then used a level to make sure it was perfect, then drilled it in on each side.

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