Bye bye icky carpet

The carpet on the main floor was gross, and even after carpet cleaning it twice it was still super stained. We debated on what to put in, carpet was too expensive so was hardwood so we ended up with laminate flooring. We found an awsome deal at Home Depot, they only had 13 boxes left at a reduced price, perfect! We only needed 11 boxes (but we took all 13 boxes just in case).

It was time consuming but so worth it! Now I just have to find something better than a Swiffer to clean it with.

Breakdown of costs
Underlay: $50
Laminate flooring: $240
Red tape: $6
Run to the dump: $20
No more nasty carpet: Priceless!


Casual (dash) Cottage said...

Any time I've had to PAY for RED TAPE...it costs way more than $6 ...
that cracked me up! I'm still laughing thinking about it!
nice floor.

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