Decorating on a budget

It can be frusterating and exciting all at the same time.

I spent quite a bit of time browsing some blogs with some very beautiful rooms. If only I could hire an interior designer!

I don't have thousands of dollars to spend on a couch (our current couch was a floor model for $800 and it's so freakin comfy!), hundreds of dollars on a beautiful distressed harvet style dinning room set (also don't have the space!), $499 on a rug I've been eyeing at Home depot, and also I'm not really all that crafty.

This dime store budget has led me to Calgary's finest thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales and online marketplaces such as Craiglist and Kijiji. I have built quite a collection of "stuff" in the last few months for practically nothing. The downside of value shopping is most items need something done to them. I can't wait til I have a functional basement so I can built my craft/reading station!!

Here's some pics of items I've picked up lately

I know, ceiling fans aren't for everyone, but it's sooo nice in the summer
Ceiling/light fixture Rona $90

Bedding set found at Value Village for $10!

I'm going to paint this white I think and use it in the bedroom
Not sure if I wanna put a large candle in it as well

Main floor bathroom toilet paper storage
Value Village $1.99

Main bathroom art
Goodwill $3.99

Chair- Has zip off cover
Kijiji $30

           Decorative candle holder-Homesense $19                        
Light fixture in upstair noon Ikea $40

Rocking chair-Needs slipcover-Very comfy
Kijiji FREE

Bedframe-Kijiji $10

Crazy lamp-Want to paint it
Kijiji FREE

Dresser-going to refinish it
Kijiji FREE

Dresser and nighstand-Going to refinish it-Paint it white
Kijiji $30

Future entrance table-Going to paint and re-stain
Value Village $6.99

Swedish Dala horse-Going to repaint
Value Village $1.99

                      Owl-Going to paint                                                                  Cute Bunny
                     Value Village $1.99                                                             Value Village $1.99

Terracotta birds on a log candle holder
Home Sense $5.00

Vintage squirrel (Mikey loves squirrels)
Value Village $6.99

Birds (there are 2)
Value Village $2.99

Coral looking candle holder
Home Sense $5.00

Can you spot the other squirrel?

Metal heart above couch
Home Sense $29.99

Stay tuned to see the completed projects!


Casual (dash) Cottage said...

I can't wait to see the pieces re-done with your own 'stamp' on them. You have a good eye. Lots of good pieces there to work with.

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