Misc main floor projects

Main floor is almost done, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Here's what's been done so far that I didn't talk about in previous posts:

- New patio door- The old one didn't even lock and we had to plastic the window up in the winter to stop the snow from coming in. We had no idea how much windows/patio doors cost. We had 2 quotes from larger companies and each of them quoted over $4,000! It's all because it's a patio sliding door then another window beside it. The whole thing spans 9ft.

- Painted the old fireplace over- Mike didn't want to paint it at first, we went back and forth on what to do with this fireplace. It's such a huge thing in such a small room. I still don't love it and have to do some touch up work on it still. Mike is surprising me with a mantle of some kind, but he won't give me any hints of what he's going to be doing. We might paint all the shelves the wall color or take off the shelves altogether. If you have any suggestions let me know!!

- Posts and beams- There's no way getting around these things, they are here to stay sadly. They used to have these huge bolts that stuck out and in indent in the middle of the beams. They have been filled in but still not had a final sanding and painting.
                               BEFORE                                                                           AFTER

Main floor bathroom- There was no main floor bathroom and I want a main floor bath, no actually I NEED a main floor half bath. When we reconfigured the kitchen area we had extra room set aside for a small half bath.                       


Breakdown of costs
Patio door: We ended up getting Mike's dad and order and install the door (he's had experience doing windows and doors). The cost was $1470
Labor for patio door: FREE

Painting fireplace: Paint (1 can) $30
Paint brushes (had to buy a few cause I was bad with cleaning them): $18

Beams and posts: Mud: $30
Sandpaper, lots: $20

Half bath: Drywall: $100
Toilet and sink: FREE (Mike is a plumber so he got them from people changing out to new ones)
Mirror: $25


Kimssure said...

Awesome pictures! You guys have done a great job.

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