Kitchen Demo!

The lil kitchen that was in our place was not only very dirty but not very practical (not that I cook very often).

So we ventured to Ikea to fine ourselves a new budget friendly kitchen.
We agreed on which cabinets to buy, that was easy enough, but it was the layout of the akward kitchen that was getting to us. We wanted the fridge in the kitchen!
After about 2 hours in the Ikea kitchen department we ordered out cabinets, success!!

Demo Time!!

No tools needed

I think he was having too much fun

Time to get ride of the ugly breakfast bar

Yay! all gone!!

Ripped down the dropped ceiling to find a mess. There was huge freakin holes in the ceiling!
Great another thing to fix.

The dumping grounds that is our backyard


Kimssure said...

Wow! I forot how bad it was!

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