Bedroom Inspiration

My latest idea for the bedroom is to do mostly white room with blue accents, I think it would feel rich and relaxing.

The bedframe I aready have-Not sure if I should paint it white yet
Pier One $140


Birdhouse (below) Going to paint it and hand it

White rug-Need to find

White decorative plates-Need

Over the top white framed mirror-Need

Variety of white vases-Need

Vintage looking chair-Need

Love the pic below from a blog I just found and love

And maybe throw in a small fern or 2

Also need white curtains and some decorative blue vases and stuff.


Shannon said...

I am loving your blog! My husband and I bought our first home this summer and due to some unforeseen circumstances, are a single income household right now. We are slowly but surely fixing up the house and I love to scour kijiji and value village for treasures too! Keep up the blog. It's so nice to read one that's realistic for me and my lifestyle :)

Anonymous said...

they have white rugs like that at costco right now. :)

Tracy said...

I'm going to have to check out Costco!

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