Out Hunting

I had to go to the other side of the city last night and decided to top at a thrift store that I typically don't hit up. Well I'm glad I went cause I came home with some treasures, all this for just under $30!

I have a few ideas for these beauties but you'll have to check back to see what happens to these items.

Candle holder
Creepy clown

Mike said this next thing was used for pool
The chalk board part is in good shape (it's just dotty cause it was raining)
Cookbook holder
Coat rack, cork board, letter holder thingy

What's your latest thrift store find?

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Babies and Kids

No, I'm not pregnant I just LOVE me some baby and kid rooms. Kid friendly spaces are becoming more popular and even more trendy I noticed and I'm not going to lie, I have a folder full of baby/kid room inspiration.
Here's some of my favs, enjoy!

This is one of my favs, I am planning on basing a baby room off this picture
(when I have a baby of course lol)
Next few are from HGTV Rate my Space
If you know who's pics these are let me know so I can give credit where credit is due

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Spray paint afternoon

Some of the lil knick knacks I've been collecting from various garage sales and thrift stores finally got a much needed makeover today. After seeing everyone else transforming ugly stuff into treasures using spray paint I figured it was time to get over my spray paint virginity!

Click on the work to see the before owl other knick knacks

It started with a lil make shift workspace in the backyard. After that I lightly sanded each piece then cleaned all pieces. Then I went to town with the primer, a light coat on everything. What's great about this primer is it was dry in less than 5 minutes (probaby would take longer if you were spraying inside).

After 1 coat of white. I did a few light coats on each
(don't forget to let it dry completely between each coat)

Final outcome
This is the first time I ever spray painted anything. It was so much fun!
Not everything came out looking perfect. There's a few pieces that have some small runs and lil imprefections but oh well, practice makes perfect. Now I just need to find more things to spray!

The paint bug has officially bit me, I can't wait to paint something else!!
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