Out with the old...

I'm so excited! As much as the old couch was comfy it was ugly. Mike and I have been looking at new couches and we figured that we would be spending around $1600 for a smaller, condo size sectional. When we found ths gem on the floor of Urban Barn it was just meant to be. I mean, how can you turn down the last discountined couch at 50% off regular price!

Here's moving the old one out of the way and making room for the new one.
Yummy, the things you find after your move a big piece of furniture. A whole bunch of Magnum's toy mice, a chocolate wrapper, a sock, some sunflower seeds (the seeds were my fault), and some general dust.
Mike putting the old couch upstairs in storage until the basement is finished,
He was just happy to be finished!

Now I need pillows, but I'm torn what to pick. I'm sure I'll eventually find something.


Silvana Kathryn said...

Wow I looove that couch! A new [not just new to me] couch is one of the items on the very long to acquire list. So far more important items have superseded; things like kitchen appliances and a dresser with drawers that work.

Sigh, someday.

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