Garage season has begun

I love garage sales, love the thrill of the hunt, the jingle sound of a pocket full of change, the satisfaction you get when you found a treasure for a steal of a deal, yep I love it all, all except the getting up early on a Saturday.

We only went to a few garage sales this past weekend, but I have already started planning next weekend adventures.
Here is our 1 find, a cute lil beat up table. I couldn't say no, it called to me.
(sorry for the bad cell phone pics)

After some trolling for sales we came across this antique shop that we've never been to before. This place had some very cool finds, if only I have thousands of dollars to spend on this stuff.

This would look neat with a piece of glass on the top and used as a coffee table
Old dentist chair, only $850 and all in working order! What a steal
Love this old apartment mailbox. They still have all the original keys to boot! Only $3100
Hand carved lil table $110
Creepy picture, I could never hang this in our house. It's almost like this kid is laughing at you becuase something bad just happened.

I'm sure you'll see more pics of garage sale finds throughout the spring and summer months.
Email me your fav garage sale find so I can post them!


Mel said...

A fellow Canadian visiting from the POPParty. That picture IS creepy, sheesh. I can imagine that dentists chair in a sadists home but no where else :)

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