Spray paint afternoon

Some of the lil knick knacks I've been collecting from various garage sales and thrift stores finally got a much needed makeover today. After seeing everyone else transforming ugly stuff into treasures using spray paint I figured it was time to get over my spray paint virginity!

Click on the work to see the before owl other knick knacks

It started with a lil make shift workspace in the backyard. After that I lightly sanded each piece then cleaned all pieces. Then I went to town with the primer, a light coat on everything. What's great about this primer is it was dry in less than 5 minutes (probaby would take longer if you were spraying inside).

After 1 coat of white. I did a few light coats on each
(don't forget to let it dry completely between each coat)

Final outcome
This is the first time I ever spray painted anything. It was so much fun!
Not everything came out looking perfect. There's a few pieces that have some small runs and lil imprefections but oh well, practice makes perfect. Now I just need to find more things to spray!

The paint bug has officially bit me, I can't wait to paint something else!!
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K. Mae Photography said...

OH My Gosh I gotta see this now! The squirrels are wicked!

Townhouse Trials said...

Thanks Kyla!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

These are all sooooo stinkin cute...luv some SPRAY PAINT! Come by my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PAR-TAY and show them off...hope to see you there:)


Townhouse Trials said...

Thanks Linda, looking forward to Thrifty Tuesday!

Sarah @ Hennessey House said...

ya done good!! :) now get ready, cause it's probably gonna turn into a full-blown spray paint addiction. it has for me, anyway! :)

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