Got me some tile

Time to tile, the boxes to tile scattered around on the main floor is really starting to get in the way.
I don't think Mike was looking forward to it. During the whole tiling process we kinda took our time, going for weeks of not doing anything on the house, we were starting to burn out.

At time point, we've been in our house for about a year, slowly hammering away at the 3 page list of To Do's that hung on the fridge.

So here's our tiling progress!

Breakdown of costs:
Floor tiles: $140
Backsplash tiles: $35
Thinset: $60
Grout: $50
Sealer: $35
Silicone: $5


Casual (dash) Cottage said...

Oh my Goodness,
I see why the burnout.
Y'all have done so much. The tile was definitely worth it though. That kitchen looks great! and the floor ...ah! under your feet, right?

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