Chalk paint!

Remember this lil guy?

Well I broke the mirror. Yep, 7 years bad luck now.
So what to do with this cute lil frame?

It's a mini chalk board!!

Onto the next chalk board project

Here's the before

And here's the after
I like the black chalk board a lot better than the green, now I just need to get some chalk.

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Anita said...

Sorry about the mirror. Good thing the frame is so cute! I love that pool rack. Not something you see everywhere and I love that!

Lana K. W. Austin said...

well, you made lemonade, that is for certain! Great chalk paint job on both those pieces!!

Hugs, Lana

Casual (dash) Cottage said...

Cool billiards set!
Like you chalkboard paint projects...don't fall for that 7 years bad luck junk...I've broken a ton of mirrors...and I have bad luck and some good luck... I think my bad luck runs concurrant! LOL


Hi, I love your cute, picture frame chalkboard. I also love the way you displayed your billiard rack. I have a beautiful mahogany pool table that we need to use more often! Time for a "pool" party!

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Some great ideas.Trish

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

Oh love those chalkboard projects!! That frame is FAB!

Cindy said...

Your chalkboards look amazing! I love the last one there! It looks old, is it?

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Tracy...

Ohhh...what GRAND chalk painting projects! Your little frenchy frame and chalkboard turned out beautifully...who needs a mirror anyway...right? Hehe! And...I love, love, LOVE that old billard ball rack...it's fabulous!!! I definitely agree with you...the black chalkboard is soooo much prettier than the green! What a fabulous project! I don't know if I've ever seen a billiard ball rack like that before...it's awesome!

Thank you so much for sharing these fabulous projects with us for Sunday Favorites this week...a real treat, my friend!

Have a marvelous Monday, Tracy!
Chari @Happy To Design

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh wow! I adore this project. What a wonderful metamorphosis.

Please stop by and see my project. It only took 23 years to complete.

Beeutiful by Design said...

I'll have to go find me a cheap mirror so I can try chalk board paint. Thanks for your post!

Townhouse Trials said...

Thanks everyone!

I think the mirror was old, it is plaster and said made it Italy.

K. Mae Photography said...


Rambling Renovators said...

Cute projects! The mirror looks fab.

kashyakoosh said...

Hey nice job, I like that pool ball project, although I think it would really pop all those wonderful colors if the wood was painted white. Just a thought.

Townhouse Trials said...

Kashyakoosh, I was thinking that as well but Mikey likes the wood, but I'm sure I can change his mind with time!

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