Slow but steady

Progress on the fireplace is slow, not because it's a lotta work, more because we just too darn lazy to do anything at the end of the day! Happen to anyone else?

Forget what the fireplace used to look like click HERE
Begining of trim work
All trim is up and first coat of paint done YAY!

Look at all the crap I had on the fireplace! Holy, do I need downsize on the trinkets!

I wanted to start some projects so bad, but with all the bad weather here I couldn't go outside and spray paint up a storm (Mikey also said I couldn't spray paint in the house, what a Debbie Downer!) so I decided to try and paint using an actual paint brush.

After an hour I was bored wasn't getting the result so I abandoned the project until it was nice outside so I can go back to my beloved spray paint.

Hope everyone had a good start to the week!

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Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

OMG, I am totally envious of your new shelves. Well, and the fireplace too but look at your neat shelves!! Pics when you're done and all your stuff is rearranged, please? New follower, btw.

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