My long weekend project

So finally I can share the pictures of Mikey and I's long weekend project. We did something a lil different, instead of working on our place we decided to do a lil makeover at my work.
So we got to my work at bright and early Saturday morning and went to work. You don't realize how much prep work there is, especially in a business, we had a LOT of stuff on the walls and had to cover all the finished customer jobs.

It might be hard to see, but the old shop had a lovely shade of beige (and in a certain light looked almost like a beautiful shade of dusty rose, sorry Kim!), there was no shortage of oak, and there was no hiding the ugly but functional cables.

Here's a few before pics (sorry, it was the end of a busy day, lil messy)

So we decided to paint it a soft grey and paint out all the oak white.
Here's some progress and after pics, enjoy!!

Counter shelves were covered, painted white
We still need to put stuff up on the walls, but you get the idea
And this is what my pants looks liked at the end of the weekend (don't mind the mismatching socks!)

So a lil background on the shop, it's called Crowfoot Sure Print ( NW Calgary, AB), it's a small
print and copy center that does everything from graphic design, business cards, flyers to helping out people that are not sure what they want.
My boss (who is awsome btw and had no idea we were doing this) has owned the shop for 16 years, and I have had the chance to work to work with some great, talented people the last 4 years being there.

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Jan LaFollette said...

Nice surprise for the boss....hope he was happy with it, I'm sure he was!

Always Nesting said...

What a wonderful day of work for you to give to your boss. I'm sure it was much appreciated and BTW I love those socks :) Thanks for sharing this at Woo Hoo! Wednesday. What a sweetheart of an employee you are.

Mel said...

That's quite a transformation. That's a heap of work and very good of you; you win employee of the YEAR! :)

Kimssure said...

I did love it! And was super surprised!! Ya, she wins employee of the year ;)


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