I have a give away!

I know, I don't have tonnes of followers, hundreds of posts and thousands of hits but I still wanna say 'Thank You' to all that have stopped by and to all the fellow bloggers that have inspired me so much!

So without further adieu here is the give away

Beachy Long Necklace
Cute lil Keychain
(Sorry for the not so great photos, I'm a really bad photographer!)

Contest closed, thanks everyone!

Good luck!



Anonymous said...

i really like the beach necklace, goodluck tracy on your blog and keep posting the beautiful pictures

katia said...

i love the beach necklace! that is georgous! and don't worry your photography skills are not that bad haha


Casual (dash) Cottage said...

You're having a give away already. Well, good for you!
I haven't attempted a 'give away' yet. But hope too some day!
I have so loved reading your blog lately. It makes me think of the days of old...well, the days of young for me!
Love your projects, and especially what you did with your kitchen and more recently your fireplace. Wonderful!

If you were to draw me, I'd say... I like the necklace.
Good luck with your 'give away' hope you have lots of people join as a result.

Mel said...

I'm already a follower, from Toronto (well the outskirting city) and I too have a townhouse.

Um, okay, so if I were to win *hint hint*, I would really love the starfish necklace. I like to keep things simple and what is more simple than that?

Love what you've done with your home.

jStar said...

My favourite is the Starfish one because I love stars!

As far as blogging advice? Um... stay active? *looks at her blog that hasn't been updated in a month and a half... or more*

Livia Leigh said...
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Livia Leigh said...

I love the beach necklace, well everything beach-y! Your home is so cute, so jealous. i need to stop renting in order to start renovating!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Tracy,
I'm new to the vintage look(and I'm following in love with it, I've even picked up some vintage pieces at GW) and I've truley been a lurker reading and looking at all the fabulous blogs out there in blogland. I just came from Mustard Seed Creations and popped on here to see that you had that beautiful beach necklace and keychain as a giveaway! I'd love to join in your giveaway, I so love this type of jewelery;0
Thanks so much for reading my comment!

Mel said...

Tracy, the necklace came today and it's so beautiful. I can't thank you enough and I will think of you each time I wear it. You are such a sweetheart for being so thoughtful! Canadian chicks rock! lol

Rachel said...

I don't know if you'll see this seeing as the post is 5 years old, or even remember the answer for that matter, but if you don't mind me asking, where did you get the starfish necklace? I'm absolutely in love with it (at least the charm if you got it that way). If by any chance you DO, could you let me know? Email is rachelmk55@hotmail.com. Thanks! Love your blog and projects!

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