Todays Treasures

The day started out bright and early at Homesense. We were one of those dorks parked outside waiting for the place to open, but luckily we weren't the only ones.
I'm on the search for the perfect pillows for the couch,
I did find 1 I liked but they didn't have another one :(
Who does need a giant green gnome candle!
Ohhh shiny!
So soft! This rug was also the biggest rug I've ever seen.

After Homesense we went and saw Shrek 3 then on the way home made a lil detour at The Brick.
Never make eye contact with the sales people, they are hardcore!
We walked right to the back to the warehouse clearance section, it's the only place to go.
This lil server caught my eye and ended up buying it.
It was originally $799 and guess the price we paid for it?
Yep, you read that right. There's not even anything wrong with it!
It's solid wood, stay tunned to see how this lil beauty ends up in our bathroom!
It's aged ever so slighty.
We were just about to pay when I wondered away from Mike and I saw this table out the corner of my eye.
No chairs, but that didn't stop me.
This piece is solid walnut.
And you won't believe the price
We even bought Magnum home a lil toy.
Also picked up these little birds for $4.00

The weather may be crappy but at least I found some deals.
Have a good weekend everyone!

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Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Great find on that awesome table!


Vicky@sleeping in an unmade bed said...

Love the walnut table! Good find!

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